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As the school year came to an end, I want to congratulate students across the globe for their hard work. Especially those I met this year through assemblies, workshops, conferences and one on one meetings. I feel especially honoured to have been part of the Third Annual, We Rise Together Black Students Leadership Conference. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my voice and share my experiences in this expression of Black Leadership and excellence. The two days conference was a beautiful initiative taken by Peel District School Board in an effort to help middle school and highschool students to realize the strength, intelligence and power that lies within them. During my workshop, I encouraged students to think big and surround themselves with big thinkers. All of us possess a million dollar idea, but very few are focused enough to release it. We know of some big thinkers, heard of some, friends with some and most importantly WE ARE BIG thinkers.

As humans, we are like the tip of the iceberg. Many people look at us and we also look at ourselves and sees only the tip, not realizing how powerful we are. We are a force and everything we need is inside of us. All the work and all of that we are to be lies within us. However, it takes work, courage, soul searching and owning our truth in order to reach our higher selves. I am still a working process. Fortunately, as I am encouraging the masses, I am also learning about myself. This year, I was able to make appearances in different school and settings. Words cannot express the feeling as I get to relieve my teenage years being the person I need growing for all of the children I meet. I have an immense sense of pride sharing my truth all the while empowering everyone from all walks of life, especially the youths.

If you’re always trying to fit in, you will never know how amazing you can be. This I always share with students. We live in a society where it's challenging to be oneself. Nevertheless, It is rewarding to stand out, stand up and lead because we were born to lead.

You will always be left with what you came on earth with. That is the passionate blue print of your true self. The expression found within, deep down in your heart. As you go through the journey called life, you will realize that it isn’t about pleasing others, fitting in, trending, becoming rich or having the latest. That is what society tells you. The journey is all about reaching your full potential, being authentically YOU, while taking authority of your life and manifesting greatness. When you are authentically you, all the things your heart desires will be added unto you. You are the conductor of your life. Therefore, you have to be comfortable and take full responsibility for how you are conducting yourself and steering your own ship. When you are ready to be great, greatness will manifest right before your eyes, because we are all born to be great. All of us have greatness within us. Get out of your own way and help each other to be great. In the end we can all rise together. You were born to lead

Ms. Pauline and I before the session began

If you would like to know more about the We Rise Program, please visit

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