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Walking Contradiction

Be a walking contradiction. That too is okay!

Recently I blogged about compression stockings and that it isn't a trend but a lifestyle for me. As Jobst/Essity brand ambassador it is a big deal for me to represent a brand that actually does what it supposed to while I can totally express myself without inhibition.

I have gotten to the point where I am done with trying to figure out who understood me, who is with me or against me and I decided to focus on me and being myself wholeheartedly. That includes being a walking contradiction while wearing compression stockings based on my mood. When I say be a walking contradiction I mean that you can be strong and soft at the same time. You can be confident and humble. You can also be bold yet shy at times. I personally am a bold person but at times, I can be very shy based on the situation at hand.


I wasn't always bold but once I stopped pleasing, I discovered a whole new woman. That is the woman who is proud of being different and embraces my condition Klippel Trenaunay and Lymphedema

I have to wear compression stocking for the rest of my life. Therefore, it is only right to make it work for me the best way I see how. This is what life is all about..turning everything into a positive, make lemonade out of the limes life throws at you.

Sometimes I go stocking less for a few minutes (I CANNOT GO WITHOUT WEARING MY COMPRESSION TIGHTS ON MY RIGHT LEG FOR TOO LONG). At times I only wear it on one leg and other time, I mixed and matched. Some people hates it, point fingers and whisper to each other. Some shouts 'I LOVE YOUR STYLES..COOL FASHION STATEMENT OR WHAT KIND OF TREND IS THIS?!" while I stroll through. Meanwhile, other people kindly ask questions and I happily educate them about my condition. Either way, I am comfortable and happy!

The thing is, the world will always try to classify you as one thing because that is far more easy to understand. you will feel misunderstood for a while but always remember being yourself is key and that is the only way your tribe will find you. Everyday I make a conscious decision to face everything and rise. I AM LIVING FOR ME.

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