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B-Revealed have partnered with "Free For All foundation" to serve the unsheltered in Downtown Toronto and also serve hot meals at the battered women shelter in Peel.

The interactions were beautiful. I made jokes with some and nearly got married on the spot .hahhha….

The most incredible days of my life was spent in the smallest, quietest, yet fulfilling way. All I wanted to do during my birthday this month was to give back. After all, I have received the gift of life over and over again. Though it was the most incredible days of my life, it had nothing to do with me. It was about them.....

Those people who sat on the concrete, or simply hanging out on the streets watching others passing by and wondering about their next meal. On that day, I saw people who are just like you and I but somewhere, somehow life circumstances landed them on the streets. They just fell on hard times.

As you celebrate life, remember those who are less fortunate. Help those that are in need. Feed those that needs to be fed and cloth those that needs to be clothed.

Everyone was extremely grateful.

I will forever be filled with gratitude and humility for having the privilege to serve in the smallest, but yet most beautiful way.

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