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David Suzuki Secondary School Appearance

I wonder why we never had any speakers in my school🤔. I only wish someone would tell me that it's going to be ok)..... • • Reflecting on my journey, I realized that nothing has changed. Only my ATTITUDE. I've gone from hiding to boldly owning my truth which leads to all the beautiful and amazing gifts coming my way. No more feeling sorry for myself and blaming my condition. The only thing that was stopping me from freedom was ME. I am empowered to be ME!

I often wonder why I never had any speakers in my school growing up. Especally someone I could relate to. I only wish someone or anyone for that matter, would've told me that it's going to be okay.

From my experiences, I am being exactly who and what I hoped for.

During my presentations, I am very transparent and I hold nothing back. Why should I? After all, I am there to speak my truth whilst hoping that my words will get through the students and help them to vibrate on a higher frequency.

Standing before the masses, I am not claiming perfection but rather declaring freedom, strength, love, acceptance, beauty in all things and courage for all.

I cry sometimes…I get stressed out too but I have found happiness and my happiness is found nowhere but deep within. In loving myself and others around me. You have Choices! every single one of us have choices. I made the choice to not allow people to get the worst out of me; instead I choose to give the best of me.

Your choices are to simply give up or keep trying. You fall, that’s okay. Get up!

No more feeling sorry for self and the blaming game must stop. The only thing that was stopping me and stopping you from freedom is ourselves. Be empowered to be YOU!

We all have our strength and weaknesses. Just because you are not the best at something doesn’t make you the worse at everything. Find your strength, embrace your differences, and nurture your abilities regardless of how strong or weak they are. Constant practice makes perfections. Your perseverance and determination will make you excel at anything you are passionate about. There may be many failures but use those failures as a lesson and a tool that will equip you for success in the future.

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