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Tell Your Story Conference

I still find it quite challenging to find the perfect words to describe my journey. No doubt it has been a roller coaster of emotions, both good and what some may considered bad. Nevertheless, I am telling it the best way I can. I am sharing my lights, my colors and my smile.

God makes no mistakes. My life was put in my hands for a special purpose, just like you (yes, you (the one reading). All of us have a supreme destiny! However, we must understand that our lives is bigger than our current situation (s). There are things in our lives that we cannot fully understand or change, and the only two choices we have are either to give up or keep going. The choice is yours; to give up and believe the outside noises or believing in yourself!

Often time we are alive, yet we are not truly living. We focus so much on our pains, hurts, flaws, and other perceived deficiencies. We continuously pray, plead and beg God for miracles, not realizing we ourselves are a living miracle. YOU ARE A MIRACLE, LIVE A LITTLE!

Remember, so many strong women began as broken girls! The world needs to hear your story. You are the architect of your life. Therefore, you are allowed to give yourself permission to own your truth without restrictions. So, go ahead......TELL YOUR STORY.

Chandi Rae and I bossing it up, posing for a picture. Chandi is the true definition of a phenomenal woman. I admire her strength and I recognize the Queen in her.

Thank you for being and example for us all.

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