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Jobst Conference

I will start by saying DREAMS DO COME TRUE! As long as you are breathing, dream on and dream big! It was just a dream to meet and work with the Jobst (BSN Medical) team. A dream that I dreamed for years but did not believe would ever come true because of the many years spent researching but never succeed.

Jobst is a brand that provides compression treatment for a variety of painful or swelling conditions of the feet, ankles and legs. Due to my condition, it is a must that I wear compression stockings.

For over 12 years, I have been wearing compression tights and I fell in love. Although I used to lie about the reasons of wearing them, they were and still are a life saver. I always felt like I can relate to the product. In fact I am Jobst and Jobst has been me because it has supported me when I needed the most. The universe finally connected us together when I least expected in the strangest, yet the most but beautiful way. From shooting Jobst products to being a brand ambassador, I also had the privilege to attend and speak at their annual sales conference.

The rest is history!!!!!!!!

One thing for certain, there are no mistakes or accidents in life. Everything happens as it should. Through life's adversities, the ups and the downs, there are no mistakes!

I ended my speech with these words ' I want you to leave here inspired and if you don’t remember anything I said during my speech, I want you to ask yourself what defines you? How can you change your obstacles into opportunities? How will you encourage and help other people, especially the Jobst clients to be the best version of themselves. Lastly, how will you help people from where they are to where they want to be?' For me, Jobst stockings are doing just that in my life and I am determined to do the same for others.

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