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Representation Matters

I read somewhere that "if you refuse to love yourself the way you should be loved, you will always be searching for something to flood your emptiness".

I AM FULL! Full of joy.... Pictured is princess Bethany. I have never met her in person but her mom sent me this image, following my bold one legged compression tights. Her mom wrote "you made this mama so happy! she gave me such a hard time wearing the stocking, she didn't want kids to look at her different but seeing you, she is encouraged to wear her one legged tight proudly. Beth said when the kids ask her she'll tell them it's all part of being a super hero. She's a basketball player and a model. Beth also suffers from Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome.

I must admit that I am so happy to be leading in love. Grateful to be used as a vessel spreading positivity. Growing up, I had no role model because I could never identify with anyone. Therefore, being an inspiration for others and hearing "because of you I can', I am determined to stand strong in my truths and speak out.

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