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Fashion Trend or A Lifestyle?

Self expression is a privilege. Walking the streets wearing one compression stocking on raises questions and off course discomfort others. My style has always been fearless, colorful, funky, modern vintage yet classy. I think it, I do it! Nonetheless, no matter how I dressed I always made sure my legs were covered. Be it that I worn long skirt or pants, doubled up my tights...I did just that so I could cover my shame and no one would even think about questioning my motives.

For years I played safe, I wanted to do more, I knew I could do more but I was just so scared of what people might say. How others may look at me differently and I would not be able to handle the bashing.

FAST FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I began to challenge my challenges and decided to express my self the way I please witout holding back. Sometimes I go stocking less for a few minutes (I CANNOT GO WITHOUT WEARING MY COMPRESSION TIGHTS ON MY RIGHT LEG FOR TOO LONG. If i'm sitting with my leg elevated and the room temperature is warm I am okay. Otherwise, it is imperative to wear my compression tights). Other times, I only wear one tight on my affected leg. Some people hates it, point fingers and whisper to each other. Some shouts 'I LOVE YOUR STYLES..COOL FASHION STATEMENT OR WHAT KIND OF TREND IS THIS?!" while I stroll through. Meanwhile, other people kindly ask questions and I happily educate them about my condition. Either way, I am comfortable and happy! Everyday I make a conscious decision to face everything and rise. I AM LIVING FOR ME. SO SHOULD YOU!

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