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Skin Ulcers

Let's face it, It very easy to post a beautiful image along with an inspiring story. However, It's is very challenging to air out your wound and own your truths outloud in the most unattractive ways. Either way, I call it GROWTH!

I have been contemplated sharing this part of my truth I kept questioning myself and somehow talked myself out of it every time. I find that even if you're someone with extreme confidence and a carefree attitude, posting anxiety is real!

My suggestion to you is BE SCARED but DO IT ANYWAYS! The world needs YOU. Whisper your truth until you can share your story outloud!


Pictured is my affected area, broken with Skin Ulcers. A skin ulcer is an open wound on the skin. It could be caused by a health problem such as infection, pressure sore, or by vein problems.

My skin breaks at least 2/3 times a year depending on my body fluid and sometimes in the same region.

Skin ulcers symptoms may be varied based on your health problem mentioned and others.

As for me, my wounds could take up to 3 months or longer to heal due to my Vascular Disease. often times it leaves scars behind but at times it heals beautifully.

Dealing with any kinds of sickness is uncomfortable, depressing and discouraging. I often have to speak over myself, kind of pretending to be a friend talking to myself. Sometimes it works and other times I ignore the conversation like I would ignore anything that's not beneficial to my health (WEIRD). I started to have skin ulcers shortly after surgeries back in 2006. At first I thought it was just my leg reacting to medications right after the surgeries. I watched it took its course from the beginning until it went away. I cried when I had to, curse God when my pain was excruciating, lost in my thoughts about just chopping my own leg off (crazy I know but when the pain is unbearable, the thoughts are also crazy). After the first couple of painful wound that took over three months to heal i realized that it wasn't my body reacting from surgery but that it's a deeper reaction. I began to visit doctors, some had nothing to say, some refferred me to other surgeons and some simply prescribed antibiotics or ointments. At first i thought the ointments were doing the job but I realized the wound would get worst by day. long story short, I took matter into my own hands. Back home in Haiti, My grand parents and Mom used to apply a white powder on our wounds. I never knew what is was, all I know is that it worked wonders. Mom became my nurse and having ulcers that lasts 3 months or long was no more. I still get ulcers as it is part of having VEINS problems, but it no longer last forever.


ONCE THE WOUND REACH THIS POINT, I AM IMMOBILE. I LIMP MY WAY AROUND OR CRAWL.It doesn't look so painful but i must admit, it is the most gut wrenching, It's so uncomfortable that sometimes it causes my heart to beat faster than normal.

DISCLAIMER: I USE AMPICILIN 500 ON THE WOUND FOR A FASTER NAD BETTER HEALING. It works well for me but if your skin is broken due to ulcers, please contact your doctor.


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