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Keep Going!

Many years has gone by where I felt helpless, voiceless and if I may add useless. I got denied and denied myself of so many opportunities but at some point I had to become my own help.

Have you gotten to that point yet?

It didn't just happen, I fought with my own thoughts but at last... I had to answer these questions to myself; WHO AM I… WHAT DEFINES ME ..WHAT’S TRULY HOLDING ME BACK?

For so long I believed that I couldn’t be anything and my dreams were not valid because of my syndrome. Sometimes I wished and hoped that I would wake up with a new leg. That never happened and therefore, I knew I had to make a choice. I had to overcome my fears and accept everything in me. I would pray and beg, asking god “whats my purpose? I can’t be the model I wish to be because, well look at my leg. No one looks like body will want to use me, I tried and I got rejected every time. All the while, there was always something in me that wanted to come out and be noticed by everyone else. That part of me was always beautiful but I did not accept it. I believed that I couldn’t be anything and my dreams were not valid because of my syndrome. The very thing that was beautiful yet ugly in society's perspective.

It may seem like a lot, it may seem bothersome and the still small voice in your head keeps telling you that you are not worth it..IGNORE IT! KEEP is about perspective. KEEP LEAPING...KEEP STRIVING. Only you can chase your dreams. Only you can light the fire in you. No one can break you unless you break your self.

You are beautiful

you are different

you are full of love.

The more you try, the more you are in the position to believe that you can!

Look at me, I am still standing. Still leaping and striving. YOU can too! No matter where you are and where you're from, we were all created for a special purpose and that is to share our light.




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