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Body positive! Raw Image...

Body positive.. what does it mean to you?

To me it means loving yourself wholeheartedly even the things that have a stigma. People would tell me that I'm beautiful and my endless long legs are to die for but in my head I would think "be careful what you wish for. You would hate your legs as much as I do or even more. My legs (my KTS leg to be exact) are nothing to wish for". I have chicken legs, they're awkward and judging from waist down, it looks like two different person trap in one body (heck..maybe I am. Sometimes I feel like it). As far as my right leg, that was my biggest issue and I always felt like it was the only thing that was holding me back from my big break. The constant doors being shut in my face, The NOs I heard from agents and designers would not like me because I would have to use makeup to cover my scars. Others clients on the other hand would not even look at my submission because I do not "fit their beauty standards".

I heard it all and I finally said SREW IT!

What is life if people are constantly putting you on the back burner and you are allowing it because of shame?!

I admit, It's painful to have chronic illness. It's confusing as to why there's no cure. It's sad to feel alone and hopeless and it's shameful to be looked down upon. But you know what's worst? It's worst hiding in the shadows of society's beauty standard. It's worst not being your true self just for others expectation and satisfaction.

It took me a while to recognize that I am no body's expectation but I am here!

So I say to you; Love you, embrace your body (whatever kind of body that be) and be proud of you. You are beautiful and you matter. 💕

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