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Speaking At The KTS Conference In Minneapolis PT 3

Part of owning my truth is being able to stand tall as I am and affirm that I will not be judged, my journey is beautiful and I am beautifully flawed (publicly). I am aware that I am rare and I am fine with that.

I realized that I am unique. So I began to remind myself that I am beautiful and I matter. My dreams are valid so therefore I can dream big without any limitations. There are no mistakes.. all of us have a supreme destiny. But first you MUST accept YOU, be satisfied with who you are and how you look. Understand that your life is bigger than your syndrome, disease and condition. this malformation is part of my being, so I am not afraid to dream, set goals and break the stigma. There is no scientific secret on living boldly but to accept you. NO IFs, no BUTs or MAYBE, I ACCEPTED ME. Flaws and all. Once I made that kind of peace with myself and understood that I am beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made, things started to look up.

I want you to read this post and understand that you matter, your dreams are valid and you can change your obstacles into opportunity If your syndrome,disease and condition limits your dream, made you feel like you don’t belong, you are not worthy, THEN your love for yourself is the simplest, quietest and most powerful revolution ever. I DON’T THINK you can go forward TO LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS if you don’t believe in YOUrself. IMAGINE ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU CAN DO IF YOU FIRST ACCEPT YOU AND BELIEVE IN your powers. AFTER EVERYTHING is said and done, it really comes down to one person and that is YOU. Whenever you feel like giving up because your pain is too much to bare, and the scars on your body defines who you are, PLEASE remind yourself that YOU ARE AWESOME- UNIQUE –VALUABLE-WORTHY- PRECIOUS-POWERFUL-STRONG-CAPABLE, LAST BUT NOT LEAST YOU ARE ENOUGH!

This was part of the speech I delivered during the 30th KTS conference. THANK YOU FOR READING. Share and encourage someone today!

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