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Speaking At The KTS Conference In Minneapolis PT 2

This conference was certainly one of the best thing that happened to me. It brought me hope, courage, closure, strengths, clarity and purpose. I was one of the presenter along side Rick, my angel. I first introduced myself and how my life has been a roller coaster of pain and emotions, experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

I lived through the darkest days; I cried, I’ve pained, I’ve hurt.. I’ve been hopeless, as far as my faith..?! That’s been waivered many times.. I hated how my leg looked... I always wondered why me? Why couldn’t it be one of my brothers because they have to wear pants anyways. I felt ugly..I hated my life. My parents and friends would tell me that I am beautiful, but I didn’t see what they saw. My life revolved around KTS! In fact, I was my syndrome. I just existed! I didn’t feel good enough, I’ve been bullied, I didn’t feel like I belonged. My dreams and aspirations didn’t seem to be valid. I denied myself of opportunities even before I gave them a try. And when I tried to face my fear by putting myself out there, I got denied. I was helpless and voiceless. I prayed for a new leg and that never happened. My leg was still what I Perceived ugly. I started to wonder how was I going to live a normal life? I couldn’t imagine a life with such a ugly feature. So, I was determined to end my life. I had enough.

After many years of being helpless, I became my own help by first, accepting my truth


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