Fashion Trend or A Lifestyle?

Self expression is a privilege. Walking the streets wearing one compression stocking on raises questions and off course discomfort others. My style has always been fearless, colorful, funky, modern vintage yet classy. I think it, I do it! Nonetheless, no matter how I dressed I always made sure my legs were covered. Be it that I worn long skirt or pants, doubled up my tights...I did just that so I could cover my shame and no one would even think about questioning my motives. For years I played safe, I wanted to do more, I knew I could do more but I was just so scared of what people might say. How others may look at me differently and I would not be able to handle the bashing. FAST FORWARD!!!

Skin Ulcers

Let's face it, It very easy to post a beautiful image along with an inspiring story. However, It's is very challenging to air out your wound and own your truths outloud in the most unattractive ways. Either way, I call it GROWTH! I have been contemplated sharing this part of my truth I kept questioning myself and somehow talked myself out of it every time. I find that even if you're someone with extreme confidence and a carefree attitude, posting anxiety is real! My suggestion to you is BE SCARED but DO IT ANYWAYS! The world needs YOU. Whisper your truth until you can share your story outloud! (THE BREAKAGE POINT, IT GETS BIGGER AND BIGGER) Pictured is my affected area, broken with Skin Ulc