Speaking At The KTS Conference In Minneapolis PT 3

Part of owning my truth is being able to stand tall as I am and affirm that I will not be judged, my journey is beautiful and I am beautifully flawed (publicly). I am aware that I am rare and I am fine with that. I realized that I am unique. So I began to remind myself that I am beautiful and I matter. My dreams are valid so therefore I can dream big without any limitations. There are no mistakes.. all of us have a supreme destiny. But first you MUST accept YOU, be satisfied with who you are and how you look. Understand that your life is bigger than your syndrome, disease and condition. this malformation is part of my being, so I am not afraid to dream, set goals and break the stigma. There

Speaking At The KTS Conference In Minneapolis PT 2

This conference was certainly one of the best thing that happened to me. It brought me hope, courage, closure, strengths, clarity and purpose. I was one of the presenter along side Rick, my angel. I first introduced myself and how my life has been a roller coaster of pain and emotions, experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I lived through the darkest days; I cried, I’ve pained, I’ve hurt.. I’ve been hopeless, as far as my faith..?! That’s been waivered many times.. I hated how my leg looked... I always wondered why me? Why couldn’t it be one of my brothers because they have to wear pants anyways. I felt ugly..I hated my life. My parents and friends would tell me that I am

Speaking At The KTS Conference In Minneapolis

This moment was more than a privilege. It was an affirmation as well as a dream come true! This man sitting proudly on my right took me under his wings and leaded me. A few months prior to the conference I met Mellenee Finger, the director of foundation through Facebook. We spoke about my goals and aspiration and from there, she wanted to help me as much as possible. Long story short, she pointed me to Rick Guidotti. Rick is an award-winning photographer who has spent years collaborating internationally with advocacy organizations. from hearing about Rick and watching his TEDTalk, I immediately wanted to meet him and even work with him. I put the request out to the universe, a mont