The journey to find out what my condition is called PT 1

It has been 5 years since I found out the name of my condition. I spent several years in the U.S going from one doctor to the next, to surgeons and specialists trying to find out the cause of my birth defect/ leg malformation. I was desperate for help but the chronic pain never stopped. Depressed, alone, hopeless and suicidal. No one was able to help! The very first doctor I visited was a nightmare he knew nothing about my condition and in fact terrified of the way my right leg looked. There's nothing he could’ve done. The second, third, fourth… and onward were just as clueless as the first doctor. In disbelief, not one doctor was able to help; all of them were clueless about the syndrome. A

The journey to find out what my condition is called PT 2

I BECAME MORE DEPRESSED. Anxiety and insecurities had a greater effect on me in comparison to the actual physical pain. I battled with turbulent mood shifts and self-consciousness. I became numb to my abilities as I was confused and aimless. I worried so much and even worried that I worried too much. My pains and trials were completely unbearable. I completely stopped wrestling with my inner-self and caring about not feeling or looking good, I stopped caring about life all together because I believed there was no purpose. Severe episodes of pains and complications …Blood clots and heart failure became my life. I was convinced that I am going to die sooner than anticipated. Somehow, I still f