For years I have cheated myself out of celebrating my bravery as I have been cheating everyone out of knowing a brave soul. A soul that stands taller than just a beautiful smile, a big afro and an amazing personality. For what it’s worth, I am reintroduce myself….I AM Berlange; a human, fashion model and a spokes-model. Most importantly, I AM a KTS (Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome) survivor. Welcome to my blog spot. I will be blogging about my journey living with KTS and everything that goes on in between. Stay close and follow through. Loads of hugs! Image by Joey @IslandBoi Rosadoo Makeup by Numa @AsatouSohnaa Dress by Garvin @Garvacia.

Still I stand!

At the age of 11, I noticed something was wrong with my right leg and people made sure I knew something was very wrong by pointing, laughing and whispering. I got sucked into hiding and losing myself. I felt abnormal, inadequate and self-conscious I tried covering my shame everyday possible, but nothing helped because I was mentally trapped. I was stressed and depressed and clearly, I did not belong. What I didn't know is that my leg would cause me far more pain than the hurtful words and actions of people...... Growing up with one of the rarest syndrome, I thought the more you hide your flaws, the more beautiful you'll appear, the more love you'll get and the more you'll feel like you belon

KT and flaws

In a world where we some way or another are suffering from the pressure of being something we were never created to be..FLAWLESS. I too buried myself from speaking out about being a Klippel Trenaunay survivor. The very thing that made me unique and set me apart in the name of searching and maintaining a perfect image. I have found the courage to stand firm and look fear in the eyes with no regret. off course it is not the easiest thing to do, but it is life's greatest reward. Say it with me I AM ENOUGH..I DO NOT NEED TO HIDE MY IMPERFECTION. photographer: Rick Guidotti TO HIDE MY IMPERFECTION.